Macs are now covered under Apple’s independent repair provider program

Apple is expanding a program that grants independent repair shops access to the same genuine parts and training that authorized Apple service centers have at their disposal. For the first time, third-party repair centers can now work on Macs with Apple’s blessing.
As you may recall, Apple launched its independent repair initiative last summer. Critically, the program only covered issues affecting out-of-warranty iPhones.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, told Reuters that when a device needs repairs, they want people to have access to a safe and reliable solution. “This latest expansion joins the thousands of repair locations we’ve added over the past year,” Williams said, adding that, “We’re looking forward to bringing that convenient and trustworthy repair experience to our Mac users.”

Apple has had a contentious relationship with those advocating for the right to repair their devices. That started to change with the new policies introduced a year ago and has shown a lot of promise since then.

Just last month, for example, Apple brought the program to more locations across the US and expanded internationally to Canada and Europe. Now with Macs joining the fray, third-party repairs of Apple products are more accessible than ever.

Apple hasn’t updated its independent repair provider program literature on its website as of this writing but I would expect a change to come very soon.